Over the past year Volunteer Houston has focused on growing and strengthening organizational partnerships.  One of the organization’s strongest new partnerships is with IBM.  In the Spring, Volunteer Houston received over $64,000 in support from IBM through consultant services and a cash grant.

In March, two IBM consultants conducted a two day strategic planning session at Volunteer Houston.  The session was attended by VH board members, staff, and community partners. Out of this intensive session, VH was able to create a strategic plan and the idea of Volunteer Houston 2.0 evolved.

Through the strategic planning session, VH was able to create concrete goals it is currently working towards achieving.  One of those goals is to place 50,000 volunteers in opportunities by the end of 2015.  VH plans to achieve this goal by increasing the amount of nonprofit organizations in its database (from 1,200 to 2,500 by the end of 2015), increasing communication and public awareness, and dedicating additional staff support to these efforts.

Additionally, during the strategic planning session, IBM Corporate Citizenship & Corporate Affairs Manager, Beth Tracy, overheard the need for new technology, providing a grant to expand and enhance these offerings.   Several of the VH staff members could not print and had computers that would unexpectedly crash.  Hearing this, Beth decided to take action and increase our IBM strategic partnership through additional investment addressing a critical need for VH by underwriting the cost of new technology for staff members and volunteers.

The pictures below are of the VH staff at the Microsoft Store learning to use the new machines IBM supported through a grant award.

ibm ibm 2


ibm 3ibm 4

Thanks to IBM for listening to your community partners needs and responding!

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