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Managed by Volunteer Houston, the ExxonMobil Community Summer Jobs Program provides a $2,750 grant to 70 nonprofit agencies to hire exceptionally qualified full-time college interns for 8 weeks during the summer to provide essential services to the community.

Name: Odis Garrett II
The University of St. Thomas
The Children’s Museum of Houston
Education Intern

The Children’s Museum seeks to transform communities through innovative child centered learning and reaches thousands of people daily whether by them visiting the museum itself or by the vast number of outreach programs in different communities. Every exhibit or program is designCMHoustoned to cause the visitor to take more than just a memory home with them. Through the educational programming the museum has been able to develop parent and child relationships, community involvement, health awareness, professional development, and also providing alternative means of education for students of all learning capabilities and limitations. As an intern at the Children’s Museum of Houston, I am involved in the development, programming, education, and outreach goals of the summer in all areas of STEM. This internship was established solely for impacting the community. My entire focus is dedicated to the scientific goals and curriculum development for a huge outreach program and even an experimental science exhibit at the museum, which will CMHouston IIbenefit hundreds of kids in the Houston community. One of my tasks involves going out to schools and summer camps and leading hands-on scientific experiments with hundreds of kids in the Houston area. We see thousands of visitors daily. Families, children, school and camp groups come exploring this amazing hands-on place of discovery and fun! So many children say how amazing this place is and how much they wish they could never leave. It’s remarkable how so much effort is put into simply making a child smile or learn something new. I hope everyone takes the time to visit the museum and experience a part of what I see every day.

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