Anne Claire is a VISTA member serving at Volunteer Houston. She recently started her term and already feels that it has impacted her life. She was not sure what to fully expect when starting, there have been some ups and downs but overall this experience has been a good one. She thoroughly enjoys the staff she works with, they care so much about the Houston community and it is truly inspiring! On top of that, she has learned so much about being in a workplace, conflict resolution, poverty in my community, and being goal driven.

One of her first experiences aa a VISTA was at the ServiceWorks Bootcamp. She learned so much from the teens who volunteered. She heard firsthand about discrimination, in every form, and it touched her. Most of the teens do not have inspirational leaders to look up to as role models. It takes a strong person to put up with what a lot of them have had to. While teaching a learning module on how they can improve their community, things got intense. Some of the class was very passionate about how they can improve their neighborhoods today. After the class, a girl approached her and thanked her for the session with them. She was very grateful for some of the things Anne Claire said and the impact made on her way of thinking about volunteerism. “That was an incredible experience that I would not have had if I was not a VISTA.”