July 15, 2016

Disaster Preparedness

Located in South East Texas, our region is vulnerable to an array of hazards both natural and man-made disasters ranging from; fires to flooding, winter ice storms to hurricanes, which cause many more issues such as power outages, and even acts of terrorism. Now, no one enjoys the thought of a disaster hitting our city, but the fact of the matter is they do and will, raising the question: are you prepared?

Volunteer Houston has developed a comprehensive and integrated emergency plan that provides the greater Houston area with knowledge to ensure the long-term safety and sustainability of its residents. We are committed to supplying essential information to the volunteers of our community and general public; we as volunteers are obligated to serving our community and assisting our neighbors and our local emergency response personnel in times of disaster. Imagine no electricity, no gas, no clean water, no telephone service and the streets and stores are closed and you have no way to contact emergency personnel. What will you do? Volunteer Houston provides the basic information, the ideas and resources to help you to prepare for and respond to a disaster