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Volunteer Houston offers a vast array of resources to our partner agencies and the community. The easiest way to get started is by creating an account and begin posting your volunteer opportunities.


Green Standards

GSL-logo300 Green Standard’s free program donates and delivers companies’ surplus furniture to charitable organizations. Sign up to be notified of new donations in your area.

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Torch Energy

Shopping for electricity simplified. Name your electricity price and we created a platform where you name the electricity price and energy providers compete for your business. In the process, you will help support our fundraising efforts to grow the number of volunteers we connect to a broad spectrum of nonprofit organizations.

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Bob Lilly Promotions


Bob Lilly has partnered with Volunteer Houston to offer a great deal on shirts! 100 for $5 each! Please click the link below for more information. Note, the shirts pictured on the link is just an example shirt. The shirts you order are fully custom.

Shirts Promotion


group-volunteers_handsPhilantro is a powerful social donation platform that inspires and enlightens. Give Always.

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Verified Volunteers

CI_boardwalk_Sandy_sweepers_jeh Verified Volunteers is designed to make background screening of volunteers faster, easier and less costly for nonprofits and volunteers themselves.

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Host a Fellow

mcmagic Mission Continues is a nonprofit organization that challenges Veterans to continue serving at home in their local communities through a Fellowship Program.  Fellows are encouraged to choose a nonprofit organization based on their own personal goals.  Your organization could host a veteran for a six month fellowship, take a moment and apply today!

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Local Media Postings

main-volunteer Volunteer Houston can help you get the word out to the community with our partnerships with local newspapers. Submit your opportunities for review today!

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Be Part of the Journal

Tom_Guenther__Volunteers_056 The Volunteer Journal is our 30 minute long program with HTV where we talk about the volunteer work that your organization is doing. Contact us to be added to our upcoming programming.

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Host an Intern


Like volunteering interns bring a greater capacity to your organization and mission. In the fall Volunteer Houston opens up the registration process for agencies to apply to host a summer intern for 8 weeks. Find out what information is needed by the agency to participate in our programs.

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Volunteer Houston has many resources and programs that are available to anyone in Houston who wants to make a difference. Be sure to follow us by subscribing to our newsletter and following us on Facebook or Twitter.