November 14, 2015

Volunteer Leader Positions


As a small organization, we are only able to devote a limited amount of time to exploring marketing/advertising opportunities. Your role will be to help us more effectively utilize our existing marketing tools (website, database, social media) to promote our organization, while also identifying new avenues we can explore to promote Volunteer Houston. In addition, you will be able to research and apply for grants. This position will help develop/build upon marketing and advertising knowledge, as well as writing and communications skills.  

Technology Specialist

Volunteer Houston has been growing rapidly over the past few years. As we grow, we need to become more technologically sophisticated. We are currently working on improving our website, integrating analytics into our decision-making, database management, developing a mobile app, and searching for a new personnel management software. Your role will be to assist in these projects based on your skill/knowledge. This position will allow you to develop and implement solutions in a real business environment, while having the freedom to explore with new software/systems. 

Non-Profit Resource Specialist

Support Houston non-profits by providing our 700 agency partners with the latest resources for grant/funding opportunities and volunteer recruitment. You will research low-cost resources available to non-profits, and share your findings with our agency partners by contacting them directly, posting the information on our website, and including the information in a monthly newsletter. This opportunity will develop research, writing, and communication skills while giving the participant a more thorough knowledge of the non-profit sector.

Volunteer Houston Advocate

Spread the word about Volunteer Houston. Share information about Volunteer Houston with relevant organizations and agencies by calling, emailing, and speaking at meetings/events. You may also assist with corporate and school outreach. This opportunity will build communication skills while providing exposure to organizations across the Houston area. 


Serve as Volunteer Houston’s first point of contact by answering inquiries from volunteers and agencies. Responsibilities include answering phone calls, responding to voicemails, and responding to email inquiries. In addition, you will put together a weekly listing of volunteer opportunities from our database for the Houston Chronicle. This opportunity will allow you to interact with agencies and volunteers across the Houston area, while building communication, writing, and organizational skills.

If you have any questions about the program/positions, please email