November 4, 2016




Volunteer Houston believes that the success of the nonprofit community is defined by its next generation. It is our responsibility to help build that generation by providing programs and service opportunities, in partnership with the nonprofit community, that engage and transform not only the student, but the nonprofit agency and the communities they serve.


Service Works was designed to put youth scholars on the path to success by offering leadership development and project management skills training, mentorship and the personal sense of empowerment that comes with performing volunteer service. The goal is that the combination of these elements will help to unlock the American dream for a generation of inner-city 16-24 year-olds who face jobless rates in excess of 15%. Enroll in our free online course today!


The vision of our high school program it to be the catalyst for making service and community engagement a part of every student’s life while teaching essential skills that will help in getting them job or college ready.

In Summer of 2017 Volunteer Houston and Coca-Cola are launching a pilot program to engage high school students aged 14 – 18. The goal of the program is to provide summer internship opportunities for individual achievement, future employment opportunities, and college and career success, particularly for low-income students who lose access to critical supports that keep them safe, healthy and engaged during the school year.

In addition the program will:

– 20 jobs created through summer internship opportunities at Houston area nonprofits
– 20 summer internships available for at-risk high school students
– Increase high school student awareness of career opportunities available in the nonprofit sector
– Increase percent of community with access to care provided by nonprofits
– Increase number of well trained individuals entering the workforce.

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Our paid summer internship programs produce students who know how to use their personal strengths and talents to benefit those around them and instill in them the importance of volunteerism and community leadership.We manage two internship programs in the Houston area: ExxonMobil Community Summer Jobs Program and Shell Nonprofit Internship Program.

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The ExxonMobil Community Summer Jobs Program is one of ExxonMobil’s signature community programs and helps nonprofit organizations across America employ college students for eight weeks each summer. The students receive a paid internship introducing them to a wide variety of community service organizations and giving them hands on experience related to their field of study. (more)

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The Shell Oil Company Nonprofit Internship Program commenced in Houston, Texas in 2008, and has provided over 200 internship opportunities for college students with local nonprofit agencies. The Shell Nonprofit Internship Program is an opportunity to explore the world for nonprofits and learn valuable, on-the-job skills. (more)

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