Starbucks Service Fellowship

Starbucks and Points of Light launched the Starbuck Service Fellow Program in August 2018. It is an employer led service program inspired by national service. This is a pilot program that runs for 6 months with 36 store partners from 13 cities across the United States.  They are is estimated to reach more than 17,000 hours of community service collectively. Out of the 36, Houston was given 8 of these partners and two work at Volunteer Houston.

“Starbucks partners consistently share with us their passion for service both in and out of their stores. The Service Fellows program powers that passion through philanthropy and partnerships to have the greatest impact. Our service fellows program is an innovative approach that combines work, service, and partnerships; a model that will inform how we catalyze our partners and grantees to create enduring change in our communities.”

Virginia Tenpenny, Vice President of Global Impact-Starbucks Coffee Company

Our Fellows

When you think Starbucks, thoughts of pumpkin spice lattes and the mermaid logo probably come to mind first. But did you know that Starbucks is also committed to communities of each of their stores? They do this through programs such as focusing on hiring veterans and their families, hiring refugees, environmental programs, providing opportunities for youth and more. The Starbucks Service Fellows Program, a partnership with Points of Light, is yet another community-minded, forward looking program to increase the capacity of non-profits serving the communities where Starbucks is located.

Volunteer Houston was lucky enough to be selected as one of the 13 Starbucks markets selected to participate in the pilot of the SSF, and elated to receive six outstanding, engaging and service-oriented Fellows. Each of them continued their barista roles, some were also in school, and they committed to 20 hours a week working directly with a non-profit in the Houston area. Through their commitment, they enabled Houston-based non-profits increase and improve the services provided, transforming their community through service.

The Volunteer Houston Fellows also had a lot of fun getting to know their communities and each other better, creating a sense of community amongst other barista’s they would otherwise never have met across the country, let alone here in Houston! Below are their stories – each unique in what they did and whom they are, but common in their desire to find ways to give back.