After 40 years of volunteering in Baltimore, Chicago, and now Houston, I searched for an opportunity to build leadership capacity in volunteer campaigns. Volunteer Corps greatly helped to develop new strengths, both as an individual and as a member of a cohort.

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Volunteer Corps

The Volunteer Corps is a unique six-month program that allows individuals to get an in-depth view of the communities needs through monthly volunteer events and trainings from our vast network of community partners. After completion of the program individuals will get an opportunity to join leadership position through a board or committee with IM, Volunteer Houston, and city of Houston.

*Please note that appointees are still subject to the same process of approval as stated in organizations rules and regulations.

I enjoyed volunteering but desired a more in-depth leadership role that not only played on my experience of volunteerism, but also would edify qualities I already possessed. My experience with Volunteer Houston did that and more as I now serve as one the Volunteer Coordinators for a national nonprofit. Volunteer Houston! I wouldn’t trade my experience for the world!

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Volunteer Houston was a great experience for me, where I have learned many things. VH is not just volunteering platform, but more than that. I still remember my first day and the most beautiful thing was the diversity and volunteers from all age groups. Along with serving the community, you get to learn different skills. I never painted a house in my life or made a garden, but VH provided me that opportunity. Although, I am a team-player, but VH helped me to face some real life challenges/experiences with a team of such a diverse group through this leadership opportunity. Additionally, VH helped me to make some connections, very good friends, and a responsibility towards the community. Overall, I really enjoyed 6-months of Volunteering with VH.

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