Disasters happen. They don’t always happen during hurricane season as we’ve seen with the Tax Day Floods, ITC Deer Park Fire and even the heavy storms in May 2019. But, we can be prepared and know where to turn when we need help or want to help in the aftermath of a disaster.

Below is a compilation of resources from various resources. It is not intended to supersede or replace official information from County and City offices of emergency management (OEM), but instead, give us a place to start. Click here to find your local office of emergency management.

Be Prepared

You and your Family

Be sure your emergency kit is stocked and that you have a plan. And don’t forget about your pets!

Register for phone/text emergency alerts from Harris County and the City of Houston.

Do you know whether you are in an evacuation zone? Click here to find out and learn how to prepare: Hurricane Preparedness and Evacuation Information

Your Community

Do you know someone in your congregation, community or even your own home with access restrictions, language barriers or may need medical assistance during emergency response? Be sure to have them register with STEAR (State of Texas Emergency Assistance Registry) by clicking here: Register for STEAR.

  • It is a FREE registry that provides local emergency planners and emergency responders with additional information on the needs in their community, so they can more effectively respond during emergency responses.

Clear rain gutters and drains in the neighborhoods, ensure dead trees and branches are cut down. Bring in any outdoor furniture or anything that could float/be blown away.

Be Neighborhood Ready! Ready Houston’s Neighborhood Ready program encourages neighbors to come together and are mutually prepared in case of disaster. Ready Houston provides FREE participant guides, videos and more. Want to host your own Neighborhood Ready gathering?

Need Help?

Do you need non-emergency assistance before, during and after disasters, or to be connected with up-to-the-minute information and critical services (shelter locations, disaster case management resources, and more)?

  • Dial 2-1-1 (from anywhere) or Dial 3-1-1 (within Houston city limits only)
  • Dial 9-1-1 for emergencies only. During disasters, operators receive many calls that are non-emergency calls delaying their ability to respond to urgent emergencies. Before dialing 9-1-1, evaluate whether you can call 211 or 311 first.
  • American Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery or call 1-866-526-8300

Want to Help?

Volunteer Reception Center (VRC)

Volunteer Houston is contracted with Harris County to establish a Volunteer Reception Center (VRC) where people who want to help can go to be deployed for a wide variety of needs.

Volunteer Houston and Harris County will announce when a VRC is activated via social media, email and County/City alert systems (Ready Harris and Ready Houston).

Disaster Recovery volunteer needs are updated in real-time during times of disaster, as well as during recovery. Click here to view Disaster Recovery volunteer opportunities.

Not registered with Volunteer Houston? Sign-up today.

Stay Connected

Be sure to follow Volunteer Houston on social media for updates during times of disaster and how you can help: