REFLECTION QUESTION: What is your one takeaway from this experience? 

“Taking the time to honor important figures from the past is important in the present and for our future.”

“Even the smallest contribution adds to the larger movement toward change and awareness.”

“The power of community building.”


Our partnership with Volunteer Houston was key to coordinating the largest single day of service in our company’s history. We deployed more than 4,000 Tweeps across Houston to serve alongside local volunteers and community members. We leave Houston with heartfelt gratitude for the warm welcome we received from the 49 community agencies we worked with. Thank you for showing us that the spirit of service and community is alive and well in your great city!

Karl Robillard | Head of Philanthropy and Community Engagement | Twitter

Karl Robillard, Twitter, Head of Philanthropy and Community Engagement

REFLECTION QUESTION: How would you describe your volunteer experience to your best friend?

“It felt very meaningful and felt like I was making a change. Also, it was very fun and I recommend doing it with a friend.”

“My volunteer experience granted me a sense of joy and satisfaction that I am impacting children in the community by preventing the consequences of childhood food insecurity. It was also very well organized! I hope that the children who will receive these food sacks obtain healthy and nourishing meals every day.”


“We had a great experience working with Gayla from Volunteer Houston! They were exceptional in finding the right project for our group and keeping in contact with us during the entire process. We really had a great time and look forward to our next event with Volunteer Houston!”

Cole Sanches | Vice President, Financial Reporting | EnCap Investments, L.P.

Cole Sanches, EnCap Investments, L.P., Vice President, Financial Reporting

REFLECTION QUESTION: What was it like to learn about the people who benefit from this organization’s services?

“It was humbling and inspiring. Doing this makes me want to further help end child hunger.”

“It was heartwarming to see people work so hard for others’ benefit.”

“It was meaningful to learn about the people benefitting from this organization because it was good to know who I was helping while filling up the bags and the difference I was making for the community.”

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OPTION 1 | Fully managed, completely customized.

1. Understand your company’s CSR goals.
2. Determine number of corporate employees that will participate.
3. Determine your budget.
4. Pick a project!

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OPTION 2 | Service Projects 2 Go

We created Service Projects 2 Go (SP2G) for companies with limited resources and smaller budgets as a practical way to meet your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals for the community and for your employees. Each SP2G consists of any number of themed kits developed by Volunteer Houston in collaboration with hundreds of nonprofit organizations serving the Greater Houston area. The kits are designed to meet the needs of their clients.

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OPTION 3 | Referrals

Volunteer Houston will compile a list of currently available service projects with our nonprofit members who can accommodate your group size and time frame.

OPTION 1 | No cost

We will provide a list of five (5) nonprofit organizations in the Houston area (with contact information) that we know have accommodated groups of your size in the past. This does not confirm their availability or include an introduction. In exchange, we hope you’ll give us a shout out on social media!

OPTION 2 | $500

Same as above, however, our Program Manager will personally contact five (5) local nonprofits to determine and confirm their capacities to accommodate your needs. Of those who have the capacity, we will formally introduce you to each other via email and/or a brief phone or video call.