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Providing companies based in Greater Houston and visiting conferences of all sizes with completely customized and fully managed service projects that align with their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals. We have over 50 years of experience serving the needs of volunteers, companies, and nonprofit organizations. Through our Corporate Volunteer Program (CVP) services, we support the missions of hundreds of local nonprofits by connecting our corporate clients to their needs. Our dedicated staff creates interactive and truly meaningful service projects and reflection experiences that lead to positive change not only among your team but also in our community where it’s needed most.

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Why CSR Matters

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

  • Creates a corporate culture that is centered on relationships, not just the bottom line.
  • Increases brand awareness and sets you apart within your business sector or industry.
  • Empowers employees to give back through charitable acts, donations, and development of leadership skills.

Julie Falcon, Chief Advancement Officer at The Beacon, explains what corporate volunteers mean to their organization in this short video.

Service Reflections

We strongly believe in reinforcing the service reflection component of all service projects. Critical reflection is the most important component of any volunteer experience. In fact, it is the distinguishing difference between a volunteer experience and a service learning experience. We accomplish this by posing a series of three progressive reflection questions in one of three formats selected by the client. In all formats, participants can choose to remain anonymous. Responses should be returned to VH within a week of the project completion so VH can summarize responses and include them in your final Impact Report.

The goal is two-fold:

  1. To aid the corporate client in strengthening their corporate social responsibility goals and culture among employees, and
  2. To empower individuals to make positive changes in themselves and in their environments that extend beyond this project, beyond the workday, and beyond retirement.

Follow Employees’ Volunteerism in the VH Portal

Use the VH portal ( to rally your employees together for a good cause. We can create a module within our portal specific to your group and assign group leaders who have the ability to manage group members, generate reports, curate local and remote volunteer opportunities, and customize reflection and joining questions. We can even customize a landing page specific to your company’s brand!

The VH team is available year-round to support your employee engagement goals and needs in the way of volunteerism and civic service. Our goal is to make the process of employee volunteerism not only fun and meaningful, but also as easy as possible for your team. Email us at to learn more.

“I handed the project over and they took it and ran with it! We didn’t give much time for the project to come together but they gave me full confidence they could handle it and they did!”

Amy Darbyshire, CMP, VP, Productions, TRG Meeting Partners

Our partnership with Volunteer Houston was key to coordinating the largest single day of service in our company’s history. We deployed more than 4,000 Tweeps across Houston to serve alongside local volunteers and community members. We leave Houston with heartfelt gratitude for the warm welcome we received from the 49 community agencies we worked with. Thank you for showing us that the spirit of service and community is alive and well in your great city!

Karl Robillard, Twitter, Head of Philanthropy and Community Engagement

“We had a great experience working with Volunteer Houston! They were exceptional in finding the right project for our group and keeping in contact with us during the entire process. We really had a great time and look forward to our next event with Volunteer Houston!”

Cole Sanches, EnCap Investments, L.P., Vice President, Financial Reporting

“The Volunteer Houston Team knocked it out of the park. Accolades continue to come in about the day of service.”

Justin Land Program Officer, Global Citizenship & Northeast Public Affairs, Dow Chemical


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OPTION 1 | Fully managed, completely customized.

1. Understand your company’s CSR goals.
2. Determine number of corporate employees that will participate.
3. Determine your budget.
4. Pick a project!

We want to customize a proposal for you! Contact us at

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OPTION 2 | Referral

We will personally contact 3-5 local nonprofits to determine and confirm their capacities to accommodate your service project vision and group needs (group size and time frame). Of those who have the capacity, we will formally introduce you to each other via email and/or a brief phone or video call.

Cost | $500

This nominal fee supports our general operations and mission of connecting individuals and groups with local nonprofits and other volunteer opportunities. This is accomplished primarily through our web portal ( which is completely free to our 145K+ users in the entire Texas Gulf Coast Region. We encourage you to check out the other programs, services, and initiatives we facilitate for our collective friends and neighbors in our community.