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How do I use Volunteer Houston to recruit volunteers?2020-05-08T21:44:08-05:00

It’s easy – create an account online and start posting volunteer needs immediately. Log in or create an account at www.volunteerhou.org/agency/signup.


How do I post volunteer opportunities to Volunteer Houston’s website?2019-02-18T19:07:22-06:00

Log in to agency page

Click on Need under the page’s banner

Click on “Add New Need”

Fill out details – Hit submit

Agency needs are generally approved within 1 business day – exception weekends and holiday’s.


I just submitted my volunteer need. Why hasn’t it shown up yet?2019-02-18T19:06:44-06:00

Our staff must review and approve submissions. You will receive an email notice once the event has been approved and posted. If it has not shown up within 3 business days, please contact us.


How will volunteers express interest in my need?2019-02-18T19:05:54-06:00

The Volunteer Houston website functions as a search engine for volunteer needs. Volunteers can search for needs based on location, interest, and skills. When a volunteer clicks “Respond” to your event, both the agency contact and volunteer will receive each other’s information. We highly recommend that the agency’s staff contact the volunteer within 3 to 5 business days and again prior to the day of the project. Volunteer Houston also tracks volunteer feedback to ensure the process runs smoothly.


I have received a notice that my agency’s event(s) are expiring. What should I do?2019-02-18T19:05:14-06:00

The email will include a prompt to update your need. You can also log into your profile and extend the date or if the need is complete, click “Inactive.”



How much time does it take to plan a volunteer project for a corporate group?2019-02-18T19:03:50-06:00

Typically, 4 to 6 weeks lead time allows us to plan the best volunteer experience for your group. It takes time to plan, purchase supplies, and figure out all of the details with you. Of course, we have been known to put together projects with a few days lead time. So, feel free to contact us directly and we will do our best to accommodate your group.


Is their a minimum or maximum group size?2019-02-18T19:03:13-06:00

There is no minimum number of volunteers but there is a minimum fee of $500. There is no maximum number but if it is greater than 100 people, we request 6 to 8 weeks lead time for planning.


What types of projects do you offer for large groups?2019-02-18T19:02:21-06:00

At Volunteer Houston, we provide a large variety of customizable projects for your group. We offer care kits where we come to you and have your team put them together. An example of this is our STEM kit, in which we include 3 STEM projects for children in grade school. We also provide disaster relief projects that your team can dig in and get dirty. If you’re more interested in food prep, we have that too. We can provide just about any project you can imagine, just ask.


Can you help me plan a project on a night or a weekend?2019-02-18T19:00:40-06:00

Yes, we can! We are completely flexible with the time of day in order to meet your needs.


Why does it cost money to volunteer with a corporate group?2019-02-18T18:59:17-06:00

You aren’t actually paying to volunteer. You are paying for a managed service – someone does all the work for you. We want you to have an incredible experience and that takes time, energy, and supplies to make that happen. Think of us as an event planner, and we want to make your event one to remember. We are willing to go as big and as customized as you want, however, that typically means an increased budget.


Do you have a specific list of service projects that focus on certain impact areas?2020-05-08T21:45:44-05:00

If your company has something specific in mind (i.e. STEM kits, disaster relief, food prep, etc.) just ask. We are happy to recommend projects or build custom projects that fit your interests.

Do you provide food or drink at projects?2019-02-18T18:59:52-06:00

Yes. We provide water and snacks as part of a standard project, if desired. If you would like to change it up and add something more, we can definitely accommodate you. We will add it to the budget line and work that into your cost.



Does it cost anything to volunteer?2019-02-18T19:14:28-06:00

No, volunteers are not currently asked to pay a fee to use the Volunteer Houston website. However, there may be a fee for a background check if required by the agency. Also, it does cost money to connect volunteers to the meaningful service opportunities that we provide. Some of our most committed volunteers are also our biggest individual donors. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to support volunteerism and help Volunteer Houston continue to provide great opportunities.


What kind of volunteer needs are listed?2020-05-08T21:41:55-05:00

There are tons of ways to volunteer with us. We have a database filled with thousands of needs with us and our affiliated partners.


How much time do I have to commit each month?2019-02-18T19:11:50-06:00

The limit does not exist. It’s entirely up to you. Our goal is to make volunteering easy so that it can fit into everyone’s busy schedules.


What kind of tools and resources will I have access to as a volunteer?2019-02-18T19:11:05-06:00

You can quickly and easily sign up for volunteer needs from our database. You will be emailed opportunity details as soon as you sign up. You will also receive a reminder email prior to the event. You can also remove yourself from an event with ease. You can set up and edit your profile and your interests anytime you want and you have access to your volunteer hours and event history.


After I have created an account, how do I sign up for a volunteer project?2019-02-18T19:10:24-06:00

Search needs or browse our calendar. Once you find an event that you want to participate in, click on “RESPOND.” You will receive a confirmation email with instructions from the affiliated agency. If you have questions about the event, you can send them an email listed in the event description or contact us at info@volunteerhouston.org.


Can we use this service for court mandated community service?2019-02-18T19:09:37-06:00

Yes, however it varies by agencies and need. You will have to check with the agency when you sign up.


Do I need orientation or training to volunteer?2019-02-18T19:08:33-06:00

No. If an agency requires training, it will state it within the description. For the majority of needs, no training is required. All you have to do is “RESPOND” to a need that interests you and show up.


Can’t find what you’re looking for?  info@volunteerhouston.org

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