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I was looking for opportunities to support COVID response, and I stumbled across Medical Reserve Corps through Volunteer Houston, which is an organization whose website advertises all sorts of ways you can help as a volunteer. I encourage people to volunteer and step outside their comfort zone and try something they haven’t tried before. It leads to something better that you wouldn’t expect. The people I met along the way, whether they were the people we were serving or the people I was working alongside, it changes you in a very positive way.

Amanda R. | Volunteer Houston

I still remember my first day – the most beautiful part was the diversity of volunteers from all age groups. Along with serving the community I learned different skills. I never painted a house in my life or made a garden, but VH provided me those opportunities. I am a team player, but VH helped me face some real life challenges with such a diverse group through this leadership opportunity. Additionally, VH helped me make some connections, very good friends, and gave me a sense of responsibility toward the community. Thanks to the VH leaders who worked along with us and kept us motivated.

Gurpreet Singh | Volunteer Corps Cohort 1
Programs such as Volunteer Houston are necessary for the ongoing improvements needed in an ever-changing city like Houston especially during unexpected circumstances such as the Covid-19 pandemic.
James L. | Volunteer Corp Cohort 3

6 Reasons Why Civic Engagement Matters

  1. Connects People
  2. Builds Empathy and Trust
  3. Empowers Communities
  4. Fosters Efficacy
  5. Supports Health
  6. Social Change

BONUS: Make more memories!

BONUS #2: Families who volunteer together have the unique experience of working toward a shared goal. You may even learn that your child has a talent or interest you didn’t know about before.

Your VH Portal

Create your own volunteer profile to browse thousands of volunteer opportunities with hundreds of local nonprofits. You can access these features & benefits through the portal:

  • Build your Volunteer Resume – log all your volunteer hours and efforts in one place

  • Network with hundreds of nonprofit agencies

  • Join one of our volunteer programs

  • Search volunteer opportunities specific to your interests, schedule and location

  • Receive notifications from agencies that you “fan”

  • Earn digital badges and other recognitions



The SERVE HOUSTON AmeriCorps program places teams of diverse, college aged Members at organizations across Houston to support programs promoting equitable and healthy futures for vulnerable populations. Members will engage the elderly, individuals with disabilities, veterans and other vulnerable populations in living healthier by providing outreach, training and hands-on activities on nutrition, wellness practices, social and physical fitness and other activities to directly benefit your audiences.

SERVE HOUSTON is the new AmeriCorps Program powered by Volunteer Houston (VH), a program of Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston (IM).

President’s Volunteer Service Award

Volunteer recognitions not only create a positive environment for those who are serving, but they also provide organizations the chance to offer rewarding experiences to individuals and groups. Prestigious in nature, this award honors individuals whose service positively impacts communities in every corner of the nation and inspires those around them to take action, too.

Volunteer Houston is a Certifying Organization and has been granted authority by the Corporation for National and Community Service through an application and review process to award the PVSA to eligible volunteers. Read more about hours required to earn awards in each age group.

TIP: Track your hours in your VH Portal profile.


Daily Point of Light Award


Millions of people act on their power to do good every day, using their hearts, hands and minds to help strengthen communities and solve persistent problems. We recognize their individual stories, and lift them up to inspire others so we may each, in our own way, answer the call to make a difference. Do you know someone who acts as a point of light in their community each day? Nominate them for a Daily Point of Light Award.


Volunteer Houston Spotlight Award

Volunteers are the backbone of nonprofit organizations, and they play a critical role in supporting communities and causes. Without volunteers, many organizations would struggle to operate and fulfill their missions.

Volunteer appreciation recognizes the real impact that real people have on an organization, which is why we created the Spotlight Volunteer Award provides local organizations the opportunity to select one of their volunteers (based on their own set of criteria). Volunteer Houston simply provides the stage for your organization to recognize your Spotlight Volunteer at the annual Mayor’s Volunteer Appreciation Awards! The recognition event is held each year in April, which is Global Volunteer Month – a perfect time to celebrate your #1 volunteer.

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