I was looking for opportunities to support COVID response, and I stumbled across Medical Reserve Corps through Volunteer Houston, which is an organization whose website advertises all sorts of ways you can help as a volunteer. I encourage people to volunteer and step outside their comfort zone and try something they haven’t tried before. It leads to something better that you wouldn’t expect. The people I met along the way, whether they were the people we were serving or the people I was working alongside, it changes you in a very positive way.

Mary Miller, Daily Point of Light #7054 | Medical Reserve Corps Volunteer

I still remember my first day – the most beautiful part was the diversity of volunteers from all age groups. Along with serving the community I learned different skills. I never painted a house in my life or made a garden, but VH provided me those opportunities. I am a team player, but VH helped me face some real life challenges with such a diverse group through this leadership opportunity. Additionally, VH helped me make some connections, very good friends, and gave me a sense of responsibility toward the community. Thanks to the VH leaders who worked along with us and kept us motivated.

Gurpreet Singh | Volunteer Corps Cohort 1

Programs such as Volunteer Houston are necessary for the ongoing improvements needed in an ever-changing city like Houston especially during unexpected circumstances such as the Covid-19 pandemic.
James L. | Volunteer Corp Cohort 3