2022 MLK Day of Service For Companies + Individuals

Benefiting Organizations

“We fight so that all may live free.” There are few other icons in American history who embody these words more profoundly than Dr. Martin Luther King, and for that reason, UAHT is honored to place this generously given artwork in our Case Management office, where our survivor clients — who are taking pivotal steps every day toward complete mental, emotional, and spiritual freedom — will be its most important audience. We sincerely hope they will see a reflection of their journeys in its imagery and be inspired to persevere.

United Against Human Trafficking

The mural will be incorporated into our programing in multiple ways. The aesthetics of the mural itself will be included within our daily arts program to teach about the realistic qualities of the mural, how well it’s organized, and qualities that convey ideas and moods. It will also be incorporated as a strong conversational piece for our “Be the Change You Want 2 See: Teen Social Justice Initiative” that facilitates intentional conversations to increase awareness of social justice and impact while empowering young people to become change agents in their community.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Houston

The mural will serve as a reminder that one person with a dream can make a difference! It will symbolize the work we do of building libraries to end the book famine and increase literacy. 

Books for Development

We will incorporate the mural into our MLK/Black history celebration that will feature an full art exhibit, artist talks and other presentations around MLK/Black History/Social Justice.  We plan to do a program that begins with MLK birthday and runs through the end of February. 

Harris County Cultural Arts Council

Imagine a moment when your crew – your colleagues, your friends, your family – comes together with enthusiasm, excitement, and passion for a cause to which you can all relate. What does that moment look like?

In January 2022 it could look like a community mural service project that jump starts a journey toward a deeper understanding of not only the social impact of the arts, but also of the conditions and systems that create equal opportunities for all of us. Art bridges divides, opens dialogue, and creates understanding – all three of these are essential in working towards diversity, access equity, and inclusion. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s words “If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way” serve as the blueprint for volunteerism and learning through service.

We invite groups of any size, as well as individuals, to further Dr. King’s vision for an equal and just society by doing your part. Just like we must each do our part to create safe and equitable spaces within our larger community, participants in this community art project will paint their part of a larger MLK-themed mural.

Your painted 12×12 “paint by numbers” canvas will be pieced together with other completed 12×12 canvases to create a larger, final mural – like a puzzle! The murals will be donated and installed at four local organizations (listed above) where Dr. King’s message of equity and inclusion will serve as a daily reminder to “do your part” to improve our society.

We are grateful for the support of The Home Depot Foundation for this year’s MLK Mural Project. Team Depot, Home Depot’s associate volunteer force, is contributing by not only painting parts of the murals, but also assisting with the installation at four nonprofit locations throughout the city.

Economic Development

Social Impact of the Arts

86% Increase in Civic Involvement

Eighty-six percent of civic engagement participants want to be involved in future projects, and after their involvement, people living where projects occurred were more than twice as likely to be civically engaged as those whose blocks did not have projects.


Social Impact of the Arts

5X Less Likely to Drop Out

Students excited by school stay in school. Low-income students who participate in the arts, both in school and after school, have a dropout rate of just 4 percent—five times lower than their peers.

Health + Wellness

Social Impact of the Arts

Arts Help Residents Appreciate Each Other

Intra-community trust is a major component of livability. Research shows that by collaborating on artmaking and beautification efforts that benefit a shared neighborhood, residents can increase feelings of trust and appreciation of each other.


Social Impact of the Arts

Art Inspires Change

The right art amplifies the effect of pro-environmental messaging. Participants who view an underwater photograph with related text about plastic pollution in the ocean are more likely to change their behavior than participants who only viewed the corresponding text.


Social Impact of the Arts

More Art = More Value

The more art, the more desirable a neighborhood is to live. A 10-year study found that an increased presence of art in neighborhoods was correlated with a faster-than-average increase in property values in those neighborhoods over that time period.


Social Impact of the Arts

60% Say Creativity is Most Important

When asked, 60 percent of CEOs cite creativity as the most important leadership quality needed today.

Data from the Social Impact of the Arts wheel provided by Americans for the Arts.

2022 MLK Day of Service Mural

David Cobb
David CobbMural Artist
Volunteer Houston believes in supporting all things local – nonprofits, volunteers, and now artists! David is a local Houstonian who completed his degree in fine arts from the University of Houston. We have enjoyed witnessing his creative design process while he kept Dr. King’s message and four local nonprofits in mind. Check out his work by tapping his photo.

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