About Brooke Campbell, CNP

Brooke Campbell, CNP, CVA is the Director of Volunteer Houston, a wife, best friend, AmeriCorps NCCC alum, rescue kitten mom, backyard gardener, instructional designer, international traveler, INTJ (information architect), better listener than talker, and is obsessed with doing good. Her passion for volunteering began when she accompanied her parents to deliver a casserole to a homeless man living in the woods. The passion that was sparked that day has developed into a fulfilling career. As the “Service Learning Initiator” for her AmeriCorps NCCC team, she has created space for intentional service learning reflections among program participants. Brooke is trained in instructional design and evaluation and has authored two professional training courses for a national nonprofit. She also instructs Points of Light’s Volunteer Engagement Training Program for volunteer administrators in the Texas Gulf Coast Region. Brooke is an avid believer in the mutual benefits of collaborations and serves on both the Texas Nonprofit Summit and Power Tools for Nonprofits (Houston) Advisory Committees.

Is Your Organization “Woke” to Corporate Volunteerism?

Is Your Organization "Woke" to Corporate Volunteerism? The term "woke" refers to someone being aware or knowledgeable around societal issues, especially social and racial inequity. In recent years, there has been an increased outcry around corporate social responsibility which translates into the importance of companies and organizations developing or increasing their corporate

Volunteer Using Your Car

Volunteer Using Your Car Written by Lena Borrelli and re-posted with permission from Bankrate. There’s no denying that America is hurting due to the coronavirus pandemic. Sickness and record unemployment have left a devastating impact on Americans everywhere. School and business closures have disrupted everyday routine and left the future largely uncertain.

What is a social entrepreneur?

What is a social entrepreneur? Excerpts from Points of Light’s Civic Life research and magazine series. Volunteer Houston is a proud Global Network affiliate of Points of Light, a nonpartisan, global nonprofit organization that inspires, equips and mobilizes millions of people to take action that changes the world. As part of the

Four Houston Women Making Herstory

Four Houston Women Making History Designated by Congress in 1987 to recognize the achievements of women in a variety of fields - science, community, government, literature, art, sports and medicine - Women's History month celebrates their contributions that continue to pave the way for the next generation of women to continue making

Long-Term Value of Service Learning

Exploring The Long-Term Value of Service Learning The term “service learning” has long captured the attention of students, nonprofits, and professionals all around the world. The opportunity to volunteer for a worthy cause while enhancing their own skills and development has continued to appeal to learners everywhere. Here at the Nonprofit Leadership

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