What types of projects do you offer for large groups?

At Volunteer Houston, we provide a large variety of customizable projects for your group. We offer care kits where we come to you and have your team put them together. An example of this is our STEM kit, in which we include 3 STEM projects for children in grade school. We also provide disaster relief

Why does it cost money to volunteer with a corporate group?

You aren’t actually paying to volunteer. You are paying for a managed service - someone does all the work for you. We want you to have an incredible experience and that takes time, energy, and supplies to make that happen. Think of us as an event planner, and we want to make your event one

Do you provide food or drink at projects?

Yes. We provide water and snacks as part of a standard project, if desired. If you would like to change it up and add something more, we can definitely accommodate you. We will add it to the budget line and work that into your cost.  

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